Agency Baby Models

Oilatum Super Star!

Baby model and talent agencies through the UK send us babies and young kids on a regular basis for professional headshots and profile photos

Two of these little superstars were subsequently chosen to a commercial for Oilatum – a well-known baby brand. The shoot was scheduled in a studio located in Kings Cross, just minutes away from our North London, Camden Studios.

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Do kids need pro headshots?

The competition is fierce for baby modeling – so it helps if the pictures are as good as they can be.

By choosing a child with professional pictures, casting directors can be reasonably confident that that child will behave well under professional studio conditions – this is a lot different than having pictures taken at home by mum!

Literally, hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous little tykes applied from a variety of child agencies. We were pleased to see that two of the babies that we had done headshots for had been shortlisted with one of them going on to complete a very lucrative paid modeling assignment.

Parent’s Quote

We had super fun at your Camden Studios – thank you so much for the pictrures – we will treasure them for always! Without these pictures I am sure that my baby would never have been short listed for the Oilatum photo shoot – Than you so much again.

Choosing a baby model agency

If you are looking for a UK Talent Agency to represent your baby or child, you’ll need to find one with a track record of finding jobs for their kids

Finding an agency that you can trust will involve web research, blasting off emails, phone calls and perhaps joining one of the many forums on Social Media for advice from other parents.

Are baby models well paid?

Rates vary between agencies but most quote around £40 to £60 an hour with a discounted fee for the whole day. In addition, parents often get paid chaperone fees which can be around £50 to £150.

Petrol, parking, travel, and accommodation expenses may also be included. Jobs regularly take place abroad, so all expenses, including fees for rest and travel days are also included.

Media projects, such as commercials also attract a buyout fee according to usage and territory. These fees can range from a few hundred pounds to many thousands

At the end of the day, are you going to be able to retire on your child’s earnings – Unlikely? Will your child be exposed to fantastic, life-changing opportunities that will serve them well throughout their lives – Definitely