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Fab London Headshots


How to find us

We are located opposite Argos in Camden High Street. Lots of paid parking can be found on the side roads around the studio. 

Getting to the studios by train or bus is a dream. The mainline stations of Kings Cross, St Pancras, and Euston are very close.

The studios are equidistant between Morning Crescent and Camden tube stations – less than 5 minutes walk from each.


There are many benefits to using our professional studios

  • Affordable value for money prices
  • A business with 20 years of experience and fab reviews.
  • Studio easily accessible London wide
  • Relaxed and patient photographers – with a sense of humour
  • Professional studio makeup on request
  • Completely transparent pricing – no hidden costs
  • A range of packages to suit every budget
  • Fully equipped state of the art studios

Our advice – if you are looking for a headshot photographer who know their business inside out, who work from long-established, conveniently located studios AND who don’t charge the earth, LOOK NO FURTHER – GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY!


+The session - What to expect
Your headshot should bring out the very best in you – showcasing you feeling absolutely awesome and brimming with confidence.

It’s you, on your best day. A great headshot is a collaborative effort, a partnership between client and photographer.

Good results are dependent on great hair and makeup, a good choice of clothing, great posing, and skilled lighting techniques.

The end result should be a headshot that showcases your unique personality, showing you at your most engaging and interesting, making the viewer want to get to know you better.

We strive to make our headshot photoshoots, both in the studio and on location, fun, relaxed and casual, getting the best out of you in a guided photoshoot, all the time, allowing the essence of who you are to shine brightly on the day.

You will need to be clear on your aims and preferences. Tell us about the style of pictures you need. For example, in a business headshot, you may want to convey, warmth and integrity.

Perhaps also showing confidence and professionalism, Perhaps you will want to appear curious and engaged in your headshot. As an actor, consider what role you would like to play and exaggerate those profile characteristics as much as possible – examples are wacky best friend, nerdy hero, a quirky genius, or a sensitive outcast.

Having a clear idea of what’s needed is a formula for success in the studio. As the shoot progresses, we may give you carefully crafted direction if it’s needed. You may want to experiment with poses that you think to suit you.

The main goal is a successful collaboration between you and the photographer to achieve a stunning set of headshots  – capturing those perfect moments in time when every nuanced element has converged perfectly showcasing your expressive and compelling inner self.

+How should I prepare??

  • Do a bit of research and decide what message you need your headshot to get across.
  • If it’s a business headshot, do you want to project, warmth, approachability, leadership, professionalism, understanding, empathy, reliability?
  • If you are an actor you will need to become the character type you see yourself playing – get advice from your agent or casting professional.
  • Try your poses out in front of the mirror before the shoot – Might seem a bit silly but it is great advice.
  • Make sure your skin and eyes are looking the very best.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated and drinking plenty of water 2 or 3 days before the shoot
  • It’s best to stay out of the sun.
  • Most people will need to moisturise properly
  • Arrive at the studio well-rested, having got lots of sleep the night before
  • If you have booked our makeup artist,  please arrive with a clean face, with no products
  • Haircuts should be done a week before the shoot, definitely not the day before
  • Eyebrow shaping and tanning treatments should also be done a week beforehand in order to look natural

+What should I bring with me?

  • Changing of clothing, formal, casual, workwear, etc
  •  A list of poses/ideas
  • Examples of headshots that you like found on the web
  • Appropriate props according to your job or acting type.
  • A hairbrush, makeup, styling products, etc
  • Shaving gear for headshots with and without facial hair
  • A friend – if this makes you feel more comfortable

+Clothing Advice

  • Time allowing, bring in at least three tops to choose from – different colours and collars.
  • Think about what you would wear to nail that sale, or wow that casting director
  • Think about clothing styles – business, formal, sporty, casual, theatrical, etc.
  • Best to choose clothing and outfits that you are completely comfortable wearing
  • Clothes with solid colours with little or no patterning are best – busy prints distract from the overall result
  • Clothing with big buttons or bows should be avoided – your face is the centre of attention
  • Texturing clothing and fine weaves can look fantastic in headshots
  • If you are light-skinned or caucasian, it’s best to avoid solid white shirts or tops
  • No solid white shirts if you’re Caucasian or light-skinned.
  • Clothing choice should compliment your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour – Google this for advice
  • Make sure your bra does not distract from your choice of top.
  • Any jewellery should not become the centre of attention
  • Spectacles can be a problem with studio lighting, restricting your posing due to unwanted reflection
  • Consider removing your glasses or bring a set of frames with the lenses removed.
  • All clothes should be clean and pressed – iron available in the studio

+When do I get to see the finished pictures?
After the shoot, we will need a short period to edit the pictures and get them ready for viewing.

This is a good time for the client to pop out of the studios and grab a coffee and a sandwich at one of the many cafes on Camden High Street.

+Do you shoot on location?
The majority of our headshots are done in Our Camden High Street Studios.

We can also come to your place of business, bringing all the necessary equipment  to do a Location Headshot

From time to time, we are asked to shoot outdoors. Camden has many iconic locations which make good backgrounds for a shoot. We also travel further afield on request, shooting at the many fabulous locations that London has to offer.

You may find that being outdoors is a more relaxing environment than the studio and may suit you down to the ground. Backgrounds will be found that suit the look you require – urban, rural, gritty, apocalyptic – anything goes!

+What's the cost
Full details of studio and Location shoots can be found on Prices

Studio prices start from £50 for a 30-minute session rising to £350 for an all inclusive comprehensive shoot

Makeup artists are available and cost £150 extra. We require a £50 deposit to book a shoot, or a £100 deposit if booking a shoot with a makeup artist.

+Do I need a makeup artist?
Professional studio makeup is of benefit to both men and women for a headshot shoot.

For men, makeup can improve skin tone, cut down on nasty lighting reflections on the skin and cover up blemishes. The benefits for women are well documented.

Booking a professional makeup artist for a studio shoot is a good idea if your budget can stretch to it. A professional will take into account the studio lighting and apply makeup accordingly.

You are also more than welcome to do your own makeup.

+Hair Styling?
We ask you to arrive in the studio with your hair ready styled.

Bring in any necessary products to change the style yourself during the shoot.

Our makeup artists can assist with dry hair styling but it is time-consuming and not recommended during the shoot.

+Can I do more outfits?
The number of outfits suggested in our price packages is just a guide so it is possible to do more – time allowing. If you want to add an extra outfit in the time allocated that’s fine by us. Time in the studio can be extended on the day at a charge of £100/hour or part thereof.

Sadly, this is not always possible if there is another studio shoot scheduled after yours.

+What if I need to cancel
Life is unpredictable, and we understand that cancellations are neccessary. Please note the following

  • Failure to keep a scheduled appointment will result in the loss of your deposit
  • We need a minimum of seven days notice of a cancellation in order to issue a refund
  • It may take up to a month from the date of your appointment for your deposit to be refunded
  • We need notice of at least  3 working days to reschedule an appointment otherwise you will lose your deposit
  • If an appointment is rescheduled more than once, any deposit paid will become non-refundable
  • Please aim to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment.
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your studio shoot,  we reserve the right to cancel the appointment