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Studio Preparation

Headshot Preparation – Be Ready!

The following advice is designed to help you get the most from your headshot session in our studios. Don’t worry, we know you are likely to feel a little apprehensive. Our photographers will take you through a relaxed guided photoshoot with patience and humour.

Before The Shoot……

Get your clothing ready for the shoot and make a list of poses you would like to do. You should also have a good idea of makeup and hairstyles. any hair cuts and tanning should be done a few days before. Shave, wax and pluck as required – and most of all, get plenty of beauty sleep.

Headshot Preparation

Preparing for your Photo Shoot

  • Think about what to wear – casual, sporty, formal?
  • No clothing with fussy or intricate patterns
  • Practice your posing at home in front of the mirror
  • The internet is  fantastic for info on headshots styles
  • If you are doing your own hair and makeup have a go at home
  • Come in with your hair ready styled – it saves time
  • Shave, wax and pluck as required.
  • Make sure your nails are clean and manicured
  • A good nights sleep will do wonders for your headshots
  • Probably best not to drink the night before:)

Being prepared for your studio shoot means that you will use your scheduled time to maximum effect.