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Headshot Retouching

Headshot  Digital Retouching

Our digital retouching services can turn a fantastic headshot into a WOW FACTOR JAW-DROPPING headshot. We know exactly how to push things and know when to stop. The result will be a natural-looking. authentic portrayal of who you are – looking fabulous on your absolute best day.


  • Smoothing & toning the skin
  • Whitening and correcting the teeth
  • Naturally  enhancing the eyes
  • Tidying up the eyebrows
  • Scar and blemish removal
  • Cleaning up the background
  • Adjusting brightness/contrast
  • Removing unwanted shine and reflections
  • Softening & removal of wrinkles and veins
  • Digital weight loss, liposuction, and body reshaping

We can remove blemishes, spots, and stray hair within minutes. During retouching, the headshot is also optimised in terms of colour balance, contrast and exposure for printing and website display.

Digital retouching starts at only £10 depending on the amount of time required to make the changes.