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Examples of environmental corporate headshots taken on location at the client’s offices

Corporate Portraits in Your Office

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Contact us now to schedule your corporate headshots, at a date and time convenient for you. Let us know what is required and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We normally ask you to through sample pics of your preferred style of headshot so that we can better understand what is needed (posing, outfits/makeup, backgrounds, etc).

Makeup, Clothing & Backgrounds

For backgrounds, we normally like to use a suitable light coloured or white wall we find on location at your offices.

Clothing-wise, you will need to decide if you would like something very formal, or perhaps you would prefer a more casual style, no jackets, sleeves rolled up, no tie with open collar, etc. Make sure all clothing is pressed and clean. It is best to avoid baggy, bulky, saggy, or badly fitting attire. Also, avoid anything with intricate or fussy patterns, these do not photograph well and distract the eye from the subject.

Reminder sent out the day before

A day before the shoot we will send you a quick email with details of the photographer/makeup contact info fin case it is needed by security.

On the Day…..

We will arrive at your office at least 30 minutes early in order to prepare the studio and check the space etc. Our equipment fits into bags which are easily transportable so special freight access is required. Most businesses have a conference room which makes a good spot for the studio in terms of space and privacy.

Images can be seen as they are being taken so that you and your staff can make sure that you are happy with the results

Test Photos

Test photos are always taken on set up to check the style and lighting before we start the shoot. You can view these straight away and advise on any necessary adjustments. Our photographers will then photograph your staff in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Photo Editing Process

Using advanced editing and retouching software we can enhance skin texture, removing blemishes, imperfections, and unwanted skin reflections, as well as cleaning up the background.

We can also whiten the teeth, deal with problems fly away hair, adjust unwanted creases and folds in clothing as well as body sculpting if required.

What you receive

We will supply you with a full set of optimised, print-ready, high-resolution photos that are completely copyright-free, meaning you can use them for whatever purpose you require, time and time again.

The images will be loosely cropped, meaning that there will be enough space around the head for corporate logos and branding. Having a loose crop means that you have the choice of cropping tightly to suit all sorts of purposes if required

Turnaround Time

Typically, turnaround time is usually 3-5 working days. If you need them faster than this, please let us know!

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