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North London Headsots

Headshot Info

Latest Shoots

Take a look at some of the latest headshots done in our very popular Studio.

We strive hard to get the best out of everyone during the shoot.

Many of our clients go on to have successful careers in the performing arts.


Everything you could ever wish to know about our studios – all on one page!

You will find tips and tricks on how to get ready for your headshot

The aim is to make the most of your time in the studio with us.


Should I do my own makeup or should I hire your professional makeup artist?

A good makeup artist is worth their weight in gold and doesn’t come cheap.

If your budget can stretch to it, hire a makeup artist, otherwise, you are welcome to do your own.


Correct preparation is essential to guarantee the results will look stunning,

A  little forethought and preparation beforehand should guarantee excellent results

Don’t come away disappointed – follow our top tips for getting the most out of your headshot session.

Location Headshots

You may need us to come to your place of business and organise a headshot session for your staff.

There is a frequent request for corporate businesses in the city of London.

We work fast with very little disruption to your working day. Prices start at £350 for two hours.

Digital Retouching

Most images will need to be digital retouch, cleaned up, and optimised for printing and display on the web

Skin, eye, and general facial enhancement are done while still keeping the image looking as natural as possible.

Costs start at a very affordable £10 per image depending on the level of work required.