Black Background in Headshots

Business Headshot on a black background

Below are a variety of business headshots taken on a black background in our North London studios.

The background can be pure jet black. Alternatively, using careful lighting techniques, the background can be made to show a graduated smoky type of effect – popular with many of our clients.

It’s normally best practice to photograph headshots on a plain background so that no distracting elements appear in the final result – the attention of the viewer is 100% on the face of the subject. Typically. both white and black grounds are used, the choice depending on how the headshots are to be used.

During a session in the studio, we can easily shoot on both black and white backgrounds, which leaves your options open for future use.

Headshots – 5 Reasons to shoot on Black

  1. Black backgrounds create an intimate feel– making you appear more accessible to the viewer and future customers. May suit professions such as nutritionists, instructurtors, and therapists.
  2. Black backgrounds are very dramatic and dynamic – They add depth and emotion to your headshots. A good choice for for ‘ one to one’ professions such as therapists, where individuals need to feel relaxed and comfortable and be able to trust you.
  3. Pops out on the page – Eye catching portaits taken on a blackground will make you stand out on the page and elevating your business brand. Many headshots are done on a plain white background, and , although effective on a website or social media , can get lost on the page.
  4. Colors really pop – Shooting on a blackground will elevate the colours in any of any outfit, really making them standout on the page. This goes for jewelry too.
  5. Creative Vibe – Black backgrounds with carefully crafted studio lighting give a portrait and creative and dominant feel – great for artists, authors and actors or any one in the media industry.

At our North London Studios, we use both black and white backgrounds and you should bring in clothing that suits each background (according to the package booked)

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