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On Location Shoots

At Your Place of Business!

Corporate Headshots

We come to your business location!

We will come to your place of business and photograph you with your company logo, at your desk, outside of your building, with your workforce etc, creating unique and memorable imagery to enhance your corporate brand.

London business Headshots

£350 for the first hours!!

  • A makeup artist also  available at  £250 for the first two hours

  • Fast turn-around – pics the same-day if required

  • We may need to charge a fee for travel and parking

  • Photo review during the shoot to ensure all is well

  • Unlimited usage, no copyright restrictions

  • Minimal disruption to your working day
  • Multiple staff can be efficiently photographed
  • General location photos can also be done

Location headshots will put your business on the MAP!

Employees are at ease being in a familiar location. The shoot can happen with minimal disruption to your working day as staff can come along when they are free.

Frequently, when shooting headshots, we are asked to take some general office shots, as well as group shots, both inside and outside. It’s a great idea for your business and is excellent for marketing or social media promotion.

Location Photographer – Costs

We charge £350 for the first two hours on location and £100/hour thereafter

We may need to charge for parking/travel. Digital retouching is charged from £10 per photo, depending on the level of retouching required.

Location Photographers

We provide all the photos at high resolution and there are no copy-right restrictions to their use.

Location Makeup Artist – Costs

Makeup artists are worth their weight in gold and if your budget can stretch to it you will reap the rewards.

Female staff will feel pampered and exude confidence when having their headshot done:)


Both men and women can benefit from light natural makeup being applied to enhance your skin tone and cover any unwanted blemishes, as well as cutting down on nasty reflections and sheen on your face.


You will need to give the photographers a clear idea of what you need the results to look like

The easiest way to do this is to find examples of headshots on the internet that show a realistic representation of how you would like to see your staff.

Styling Considerations

  • Business Style – suited and booted
  • Casual Style – sleeves rolled up, no tie
  • Posing – full face, 3/4 profile
  • Facial angle – low or high

Giving careful consideration to posing styles, clothing colours etc will help you get the best out of your time with the photographer and ensure eye-catching headshots and imagery


Even great headshots are rarely truly perfect and will need retouching to create that perfect result

  • Image optimisation for print & web
  • Tweaking contrast & exposure
  • Adjusting overall colour balance
  • Background clean up
  • Tidying up stray hairs
  • Improving skin tone
  • Enhancing facial features

As a guide, expect to pay from £10 per photo for light retouching and more for complex, creative manipulation.

The aim of retouching is to show people at their very best without turning them into caricatures of themsleves!

PR Photography

We provide event and conference photography to corporate business through London

  • Product Launches
  • Conferences and Exhibitions
  • Company Reports
  • Dinner Dances
  • Award & Presentations

We can provide multiple photographers and support staff depending on the size of the event.

We can offer onsite printing – typically 8×6″ prints in a card folder. We also have the luxury of our photographic lab. This means that photographic products and incentive gifts can be quickly produced and returned back the same day.