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Professional Makeup

London Headshot Photographer

Professional Makeup

Why use a Professional Makeup Artist?

Whether you need a corporate portrait of an actor’s headshot, if your budget can stretch to it, you should book a makeup artist.

Makeup for Headshots

Makeup artists are worth their weight in gold

  • Makeup artists will get the best results under studio lighting
  • Pro Makeup is a real confidence booster
  • Pro techniques will be used which you may have never thought about using
  • For men, pro makeup eliminates bad skin reflections and cover blemishes
  • Time and money spent on post-digital retouching is kept to a minimum
  • Makeup artists use professional products designed to look good in the studio

To sum up, we have never had a client who, after booking a makeup artist has come back and said ‘I should have done my own makeup’.

However, quite a few who did their own makeup have come back and said ‘I wish I had booked your makeup artist’.

In the studio, a professional makeup artist will cost an extra £150. If you need a makeup artist for a shoot at your business premises, the cost is an additional £250 for the first two hours.