Headshots for Children!

Headshots for Child Actors & Models

We do headshots for budding child actors and performers for stage and screen!

This talented young man was asked by a well-known talent agency to pop along to our studios to get some professional headshots done.

We also took pictures of mum and dad to add to the portfolio, as the whole family was interested in modeling and performing.

As you can see, this young superstar already has a charismatic look and a very engaging smile. He is gregarious, fun, and has bags of confidence. He showed that he was not phased at all by the studio lights going off every five seconds and really thrived in the presence of strangers, showing he could take direction really well.

Talent Agencies

We shoot headshots and profile pictures for selected kids’ talent and model agencies. We normally give the client 5 free professional pics to kick start their portfolios and then it is up to mum and dad to decide if they want to buy more.

Most of our parents do – the pictures are absolutely stunning and a fantastic memory of one of life’s milestone events.

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