Talent Agency Headshot for a Baby

Headshots for Child Actors!

Baby Leo popped into our studios for a talent agency photo shoot, part of which involved taking some headshots for his comp card

What an amazing hairstyle for a 3-month-old. His advice is to never cut it and allow it to grow naturally!

Baby Leo had all the star qualities needed to make an excellent baby model. He wasn’t phased at all by the studio lights flashing constantly and thrived on all the attention he was getting from complete strangers taking his pictures.

With his lady killer, heart-throbbing, good looks, gregarious nature, and inquisitiveness, he is sure to do well on strange and screen

Baby Headshots

When you have a baby who you want to get into modeling and acting – what’s the best way to proceed?

Get wonderful, personality-filled half-length, full-length, and headshot pics that show their talent and suitability for the media industry.

Baby Leo is on his way to success with these amazing headshots. Best of luck to him and his mum on his future career on stage and screen! Achieving their acting dreams is only one job away!