Baby Daisy with Tutti Bambini

Daisy and her parents modelling for a cot brand

The Johnson family had some profile pics at our Camden studios for a London Agency – just two weeks later they had landed a very well job for a high profile baby pram and cot brand

As a result of signing with the agency and having some profile pics taken, the family was offered two jobs within a few weeks – a fantastic result by any standards!

Tutti Bambini Promo Video

Baby Daisy is featured in the video below, strutting her stuff at a very early age – with mum and dad in the supporting roles.

Parents Quote

My baby girl, Daisy has been signed for less than a month and has already got 2 jobs under her! I’m so glad we joined the agency. Thank you!’

Does Baby need Headshots?

Children under the age of 5 years are not expected to have professional pics to show Casting Directors.

Pics are taken by mum and dad are often used. Babies do change their appearance drastically over the first couple of years and taking your own pictures keeps the costs to a minimum.

However, pics taken by mum and dad in the comfort of their own home DO NOT show a casting director how that child will behave in a noisy professional studio, with lights flashing every two seconds and having their pictures taken by a total stranger.

Many kids will react adversely and for a casting director, this is a very expensive way of finding out if a child is suitable for modeling or acting.

This is a very good reason for showing a casting director a set of professional pics, taken in a pro studio with pro lighting and pro photographers. The casting director will have confidence in the child to the goods on the day.

There really is no substitute for professional pics if your budget can stretch to it – without a doubt, your child is far more likely to get casting and auditions.