Kids Talent Agency Photos

Children’s Photo Shoot and Headshot Session

This young actor has been popping into our studios every six months or so for profile updates

He is an enormous talent and a complete natural in the studio. Hopefully, he won’t have to wait too long before his big break on the silver screen.

We love the dreadlocks!!!

Quote from his Dad

My kid had a photoshoot at the Camden Studios. We do this on a regular basis for updates – (they give us a 50% discount on these!). The results are always out of this world. Not had much luck with getting acting jobs so far but I have a lovely record of my son growing up – Great pics, thank ypoou so much!

Portfolio Updates

All actors and models, adults and children alike, need regular updates to their portfolios.

Repeat customers are always given a 50% discount on updated photoshoots – making the whole process very affordable.

Children obviously need frequent updates as they are constantly growing and changing. Adults may need updates as they get older or change their appearance. You may also need updates that reflect your ‘character’ range