Corporate Headshots on White

Business Headshots – White Background

Corporate portraits/headshots taken on a clean white background can be very eye-catching on websites and social media.

To get the best results the background needs to be evenly lit to avoid any shadows. It is far better to use good lighting techniques to do this rather than relying on Photoshop afterwards.

You’ll find our studio headshots are very sensibly and affordably priced – with packages to suit every pocket. We also offer an ON LOCATION service to London businesses.

None of the images below has been radically retouched – delivered to the customer just as you see them.

Business Headshots on White

White backgrounds- Exquisite & Classically Timeless

White background headshots are one of the most extremely effective forms of all headshot styles.

Great for Male and females – they work equally well on white backgrounds where the focus is on the subject. There are no distractions, no shadows – Facial expressions eye contact, and personalities jump out at the viewer.

This makes them perfect for social media on platforms such as Linked In, Twitter, Facebook business pages etc.

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