Business Headshot Makeup

Is makeup really neccessary?

Below is an example of a typical business headshot shot recently in the studio. A professional makeup artist has been used to produce a light natural effect, enhancing the face.

Whether you are a man or a woman, booking a professional makeup artist for your headshots has got distinct advantages and will produce standout, drop-dead gorgeous results.

Applying makeup for a headshot is an art. The makeup artist will apply makeup to get the very best out of you under the studio lighting. This is different from normal day-to-day makeup. This is where most people who apply their own makeup go wrong – they don’t put enough on and the results can come out looking a little pale and pasty!

A professional makeup artist will add to the cost of a studio session, or a shoot at your place of business. If your budget can stretch that far, it is highly recommended. See Prices for more info.

Light natural makeup will give your corporate business profile the edge over your competition.

Makeup For Men

Look your very best!

Makeup can fix blemishes, lighten under-eye circles, and smooth out skin tones and redness in the face, and contour jawlines.

​It will also remove unwanted reflections from the studio lights on your skin, (often caused by light sweating).

Although this can also be done in Photoshop, it is better to work on the face directly with makeup. Photoshop can then be used for the really tragic stuff!

Makeup for Women

You at your very best!

Our makeup artists use a range of professional products, so you will not need to bring anything with you.

If you have a particular lip colour or mascara that you would like to use, then bring it along and we will incorporate it into your look. We will need to know if you have any allergies before we start the shoot so we can choose the makeup that best accommodates your needs.

Our makeup artists are used to working with all skin tones and ethnicities. However, if you do have a question on any aspect of our makeup application, please feel free to email us.

Let us know before coming in if you would like a heavier style of makeup – resulting in a more glamourous look ( obviously not suitable for all businesses!). Most of our requests are for standard natural makeup but if you need something else let us know beforehand and it may take more time in the studio to complete.

What makeup cannot do

Makeup will not cure flyaway hair, change your face shape, or remove wrinkles and prominent bags under your eyes.

During the shoot, other tiny imperfections may arise – facial, clothing, or background. These tiny imperfections will not really matter for smaller images used on the web or social media. However, if you need to scale the images up in size for printing, it would generally be a good idea to consider Digital Retouching – for a truly outstanding result. Some retouching is included in the cost of the shoot depending on the package booked.

Hair Styling

As regards hairstyling, we ask our clients to arrive with their ready styled.

Complete hairstyling or a complete blowout takes a lot of time and we cannot accommodate requests for this due to tight scheduling in the studio. Our makeup artist is quite happy to do some tidying up before the shoot.

Questions? Pick up the phone and get in touch with us.

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