Choosing What to Wear for your Online Dating Photo Shoot


Tip 1 - What Clothes to Wear in Online Dating Photos

Whatever you wear, make sure your feel relaxed and comfortable. Suggestions are sporty, casual, evening wear and smart clothing.

You main profile photo will focus on your head and shoulders but remember that your profile should also include half and full length photos.

Clothes in Online Dating Photos

  • Patterned clothing, in general, should be avoided
  • Avoid colours matching skin type such as beige, tan, pink, peach and yellow
  • Strong statistical evidence shows women in red receive more replies
  • A hint of cleavage is also a successful tactic for online dating photos

It has been statistically proven that women wearing red receive more replies - around a 5% increase. This also is true for women showing a hint of cleavage but it is important not to overdo things otherwise you will look like a pole dancer - not good if you are looking for a relationship.

Avoid patterned clothing which will distract from your face and can also add pounds to your figure. A good choice are strong bold colours, perhaps with the use of of appropriate makeup and accessories.

Tip 2 - Hair & Makeup

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