What to Wear for your Executive Business Photo Shoots


Tip 1 - What to Wear for your Corporate Portraits

A simple, classic and conservative look is the way to go for a business profile picture. Solid colours always work better than patterned clothing. Big jewellery, bright colours, patterns and the latest fashions will look dated in next to no time.

Your arms should be covered - short sleeves do not generally create the right impression. However, sleeves rolled up a couple of turns at the cuffs can convey can portray a dynamic individual eager to get on with business.

What to Wear - Don'ts

  • Avoid wearing bold stripes, plaids, checks, dots and prints
  • Avoid 'skin' colours such as beige, tan, peach, pink, and yellow
  • Avoid solid black which will photograph flat, and lack detail and dimension.
  • Avoid wearing light gray suits, turtlenecks and large items of red clothing
  • Do not wear short sleeves, loud ties or flashy jewellry

Plain white or off white shirts and blouses are the order of the day. Jackets should, as a rule, be dark toned. You should also bring along a choice of ties or neckwear.

Tip 2 - Hair & Makeup

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