Professional Makeup & Hair Styling for Business Portraits


Professional Headshot Makeup Artists

We strongly recommend hiring our professional makeup artist for your studio or location photo shoot. Both men and women can benefit from professional makeup ( See Examples ). We are not talking about being completely over the top or glamorous - just looking like yourself on your best day.

Our makeup artists are skilled at accentuating your best features, concealing minor imperfections, and creating a polished yet natural look.

The Benefits of Professional Makeup

  • Professional makeup will show YOU on your best day
  • Healthily looking natural, even skin tone
  • Bright healthy looking eyes
  • Matt powder cuts down on shine
  • Your best features are highlighted

Doing your own Makeup

Bear in mind that the camera sees light differently than the human eye. If you apply what you regard as 'natural' makeup, your face will appear washed out in the photos. The trick is to apply makeup one shade heavier than you normally would. Read our tips on DIY Makeup for Studio Photo Shoots

DIY Makeup & Hairstyling Tips

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