Actors Headshot Tips and Advice


Tip 1 - What to Wear

Remember - it is a headshot so we are only interested in the top half you

  • Don't overdress - wear comfortable clothes and that make you look great
  • A simple black shirt/blouse/dress is often a good option
  • Avoid white shirts unless you plan to wear it underneath something
  • Darker clothes attract less attention and emphasise your face and eyes
  • Avoid busy patterns, large stripes, logos, branding and glitter
  • Solid colours work well but try and avoid red
  • Suits and jackets are good for a more formal look
  • Clothes should clean and pressed
  • Bring along a variety of formal and casual clothing along with accessories
  • Pay attention to details such as layers, ties, belts etc
  • The shape of your face can be altered by wearing different necklines
  • Turtlenecks do not normally work in headshots

Bring along a variety of clothing and accessories to achieve casual, formal and commercial headshots as well as 'character' headshots such as brooding, pensive, ecstatic, sad, purposeful etc.

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